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Rangdaneh Kortta BLEND FIB

 Rangdaneh Kortta BLEND FIB

The Rangdaneh Kortta BLEND FIB has been Registration in State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties (Intellectual Property Center)


KORTTA asphalt fiber consists of five components. Three components are based on polyolefin, one is based on aramid, and the other is micro glass fiber. This fiber is used for reinforcement of Hot mix asphalt (HMA), Warm mix asphalt (WMA) and Hot/Cold patch.



This fiber is useful for:

-  Hot mix asphalt (HMA)- (120-200 cº)

- Warm mix asphalt (WMA)-(>100 cº)

-  Hot/cold patch (PAT)



Increasing life cycle

-  Controlling and Decreasing reflective cracking

Decreasing maintenance cost

-  Improving fatigue resistance

-  Increasing bitumen adhesion

-  Quick application


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