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Polymer geotextiles typically produced from polypropylene  )P.P) and polyester  )P.S( materials are used in civil projects due to their porous structure which can improve soil quality.

P.P geotextiles with different widths (up to 7 m) are widely used in many applications due to their physical specifications: Drainage, Segregation, protection, Strengthening, Soil improvement, and Filtration.


Geotextiles applications are as follows:

Segregation and drainage

Erosion control

Geomembrane protection


Ramp stabilization



The main characteristics of geotextiles are as follow:

Mechanical properties: tensile strength, perforation resistance, abrasion resistance, maintenance

Physical properties: specific gravity, flexibility, thickness

Hydraulic properties: high permeability, transferability, porosity


The main applications of geotextiles in civil projects are as follow:

Dam construction, road construction, drainage systems, foundation, piping, marine projects, landfills, retaining structures.



Geotextiles can speed up the projects and facilitate them. They can increase the construction life cycle and decrease the maintenance and repair cost..


Sirjan geotextiles can be specifically used as a base course ( up to 7 meter). It is constructed under the asphalt layer which can prevent reflective leave.  

Geotextile Technical Specification (Non woven)


Technical information of Sirjan Complex Geotextile


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