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Cement Fibers

Cement Fibers

Plaster cement fiber

This high modulus and high strength fiber is made of polyolefin and polypropylene. This fiber in the form of short fiber and mesh net is used as an additive for concrete and cement-plaster mixture reinforcement. 

Technical characteristics

Length: 3,6,12,18,50,54 mm

Water absorption: Nil



-          Prefabricated pieces

-          Cement mortar for facade and pavement

-          Prefabricated cement panels

-          Waving cement sheets as an alternative of asbestos

-           Precast concrete components



1-3 kg per cubic meter (consult with sales engineer according to the type of consumption)



-          High tensile strength

-          Improving impact resistance

-          Improving pressure and bending resistance

-          Improving fatigue resistance

-          Improving abrasion resistance

-          Improving melting and freezing resistance

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