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Rangdaneh Kortta MEX

Rangdaneh Kortta MEX

The Rangdaneh Kortta MEX has been Registration in State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties (Intellectual Property Center)



This high modulus and high strength fiber is made of copolymer materials which is used in building flooring.


Technical characteristics

Length: 3,6,12,18,50,54 mm

Water absorption: Nil

Color: white, gray, black, yellow



-          Shed flooring for food warehouse

-          Urban ramps

-          Workshop area

-          Parking lots



0.5-3.5 kg per cubic meter (consult with sales engineer according to the type of consumption)



-          Improving ductility and abrasion resistance

-          Improving fatigue resistance

-          Improving thermal stress resistance

-          Improving impact resistance

-          Improving earthquake resistance

-          Improving shrinkage resistance of the concrete

-          Improving tensile, bending, and shear resistance

-          Improving fire resistance

-          3D function of the fiber in the concrete instead two dimensional performance of the armature

-          Load-bearing capability after the probable crack in concrete

-          Improving corrosion and rust resistance

-          Improving strain capacity of the concrete

-          Prolonged endurance and long-term flexural strength

-          Controlling thermal cracks of the concrete

-          Decreasing chloride penetration

-          Preventing concrete crack

-          Being more economical in comparison with armature

-          Reducing costs of execution

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