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Rangdaneh Kortta FIBER-MAT

Rangdaneh Kortta FIBER-MAT


KORTTA Fiber-mat is a specially formulated, polymer modified, crack resistant membrane that produces superior strength and flexibility. It forms a high tensile matrix upon application with a highly modified asphalt emulsion residue that is reinforced with engineered fiberglass strands. The Fiber-mat system is installed by a specially developed machine that uniformly applies the fiberglass strands in a continuous application. The strands are sandwiched between two layers of modified emulsion prior to application of an aggregate cover. The final product is then rolled to seat the aggregate into the surface. This combination of highly modified asphalt residue and a fiberglass reinforcement matrix creates a powerful resistant membrane interlayer that absorbs stresses in the pavement structure and delays the onset of cracking. Unlike conventional geotextile reinforced interlayers, Fiber-mat is easily recycled without any issues, is easily constructed, and saves time and labor on application for the user without the usual wrinkles, rips and tears associated with fabrics.


Fiber-Mat can be used on any asphalt or concrete pavement to be overlaid with HMA including:

-  Streets

-  Roads

- Highways

-  Airfields


-  Greatly reduces reflective cracking

-  Increases strength with fiberglass fibers, resisting stresses placed on the surface treatment

-  Waterproofs and seals small cracks and imperfections

-  Enriches aged and oxidized asphalt pavements

-  Improves skid resistance

-  Protects underlying pavement from traffic wear

-  Uses environmentally safe asphalt emulsions

-  Ultrathin, preserving curb reveal and clearances under bridges and overpasses

-  Quick application and traffic return

-  Effective preventive and corrective maintenance for a long-lasting wearing course that

protects and extends the life of your pavement

-  Product can be milled or reclaimed, and recycled without any construction or production


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