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SBS SIRJAN - Elastomers and Plastomer Modified Bitumen

SBS SIRJAN - Elastomers and Plastomer Modified Bitumen

KORTTA SBS is a pellet made of bitumen and SBS elastomer (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene), used as a modifier for asphalt mixes, whatever the type of bitumen used. KORTTA SBS is a suitable alternative to existing Polymer modified Bitumen (PmB) currently manufactured in binder plants.


KORTTA SBS is used to modify asphalt mixes as soon as major improvements of their thermo mechanical performances are required. SBS SIRJAN is designed for the fabrication of asphalt mixes for binder course and surface course in:



 parking areas



 high load bearing areas




Outstanding resistance to rutting and thermal cracking

Excellent resistance to fatigue and permanent deformation

Better adherence

Better sustenance of pavement surface properties

Strong cohesion and elasticity

Improvement of the modulus of rigidity

Lower thermal susceptibility


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