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Sinusoidal Kortta Fiber

Sinusoidal Kortta Fiber


Sinusoidal macro synthetic fiber is made of pure modified polypropylene / polyolefin. The fiber is produced in types of monofilament with the shape of sinusoidal. This fiber can disperse easily which make it appropriate for concrete mixing and make a homogenous reinforced section.


Macro fibers are a decent replacement for shrinkage and temperature reinforcement or reduction of steel rebars in concrete sections, and effective crack control in:
- Slabs
- Flooring
- Concrete pavement
- Bridge deck
- Metal deck
- Precast product


The technical and economic benefits of using fiber reinforced concrete are as follows:
- Reducing plastic shrinkage (effective crack control)
- Increasing concrete toughness and fatigue resistance
- Increasing life cycle
- Elimination of corrosion when steel rebar is using
- Increase of construction speed
- Cost saving
- Increasing energy absorption, flexural toughness and residual flexural strength


The usual amount of using fiber is 0.1 % to 1 % of concrete volume (equal to 1 kg to 9 kg per cubic meter). The exact amount of using fiber depends on type of application and demanded residual flexural strength. For any further information and consulting contact the technical unit.


Kortta fibers default packaging is 5 kg and 10 kg bag. For ease of using Kortta fibers are also available in optional packaging.


Kortta fibers can be added directly to the concrete batching system after mixing of the aggregates. In this case 2 to 3 minutes are required for mixing process. Fibers could also be added to truck mixer at the normal recommended dosage rate (usually between 1 kg to 3 kg per cubic meter. In this case 4 to 5 minutes are required for mixing process. It should be noted that using super plasticizer is recommended to reach a homogenous mixing. However, for high dosage of fiber using super plasticizer is obligatory. The fiber concrete can be mixed, sprayed or placed using conventional equipment.

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