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Para-aramids with high tensile strength and high modulus behavior are produced by the wet spinning method resulting in a fiber which consists of fully extended liquid crystal chains formed along the fiber axis with a high degree of crystallinity which increases the fibers strength.

Technical characteristics:

Breaking Tenacity: 23.0 g/d

Specific Gravity: 1.44

Elongation@Break: 3.5%

Tensile Modules: 555 g/d

Moisture Regain: 5.0 %



-          Ballistic protection, both flexible (bullet-proof vests) and rigid (helmets, vehicles, etc.)

-          Protective clothing (cut protection)

-          All types of cable reinforcement (communication, optic cable, etc.)

-          Elastomer reinforcement (tires, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, etc.)

-          reinforcement of concrete columns (civil engineering)

-          Composites in secondary structures (aeronautics), crash-proof structures (helicopters), impact protection, pressure vessels.


Consult with sales engineer according to the type of consumption



-          High strength to weight ratio

-          Low elongation to break

-          Good heat & flame resistance

-          Good chemical resistance

-          High cut resistance

-          Excellent ballistic properties