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Rangdaneh Kortta EMBOSS

 Rangdaneh Kortta EMBOSS

The Rangdaneh Kortta EMBOSS has been Registration in State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties (Intellectual Property Center)

KORTTA Emboss RANGDANEH concrete fiber


Technical properties

Specific gravity (gr/cm3) : 0.91

Length (mm) : 30-40-50

Diameter (mm) : 0.3-0.35

Color : Black - gray

Melt point (cº) : 160-170

Tensile strength (MPa): 550-700

Module of elasticity (GPa):6-7

Elongation (%) : 12

Acid and alkaline resistance : Excellent

Water absorption : No



Emboss macro synthetic fiber is made of pure modified polypropylene / polyolefin. The fiber is produced in types of monofilament and multifilament. This fiber can distribute easily which results in a homogenous reinforced section.



An alternative for shrinkage and temperature reinforcement, decrease in use of reinforcement, and increasing in energy absorption of:


Concrete pavement

Bridge deck

Metal deck

Precast product




Reducing plastic shrinkage (effective crack control)

Increasing concrete toughness and fatigue resistance

Increasing life cycle

Elimination of corrosion

Increasing in precast production speed

Cost saving

Increasing energy absorption, flexural toughness and flexural strength