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SAMI LAYER 3D(Fiber Mat)

SAMI LAYER 3D(Fiber Mat)

FiberMat SAM Benefits

·         Greatly reduces reflective cracking

·         Increases strength with fiberglass fibers, resisting stresses placed on the surface treatment

·         Waterproofs and seals small cracks and imperfections

·         Enriches aged and oxidized asphalt pavements

·         Improves skid resistance

·         Protects underlying pavement from traffic wear

·         Uses environmentally safe asphalt emulsions

·         Ultrathin, preserving curb reveal and clearances under bridges and overpasses

·         Quick application and traffic return

·         Effective preventive and corrective maintenance for a long-lasting wearing course that protects and extends the life of your pavement

·         Product can be milled or reclaimed, and recycled without any construction or production issues.

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