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Sunday 16 Jul 2017

3rd Regional and 12th Iranian Tunneling Conference

27-29 November 2017

3rd Regional and 12th Iranian Tunneling Conference

Conference Themes

- Special themes: Tunnelling and Climate Change

  • Introducing underground space projects and clarifying their role on limiting climate change impacts
  • Presenting international experiences and long and medium term programs

- Research and development

  • Tunneling education
  • Recent tunneling technologies
  • Value Engineering in Underground Spaces

-Identification and design criteria

  • Importance of geological, geophysical and geotechnical studies and investigations
  • Analysis and design; criteria and approaches
  • Support systems
  • Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • Environmental impacts
  • Risk Analysis

-Underground space construction technologies

  • Tunneling methods (Mechanized, Drill and Blast, Cut and Cover)
  • Specific underground spaces (Oil and Gas industries, Underground mines)
  • Urban Underground Spaces
  • Trenchless Technologies (Micro-tunnels and, Pipe-Jacking, HDD)

-Financial, contractual and managerial issues in underground projects

  • Contractual issues and risk management
  • Design, Construction, and operation management
  • Providing financial resources and investments

-Other topics

  • Underground space regulations and standards
  • Social and environmental considerations
  • Safety issues
  • Architecture in underground space
  • Underground space utilities
  • Underground space maintenance issues